Dr. Melissa Russo

Dr. Melissa Russo is a maternal fetal-medicine specialist, clinical geneticist, and researcher in our VEDS community. In this episode, Melissa shares how she got involved, what she’s working on in research, what inspires her, and her personal experience losing a friend to VEDS.

Melissa is pursuing additional research collaborations with Dr. Bart Loeys in Europe, Dr. Shaine Morris in Texas, and Dr. Sherene Shalhub in Washington to better understand pregnancy outcomes for people with VEDS, and for people who have had children with VEDS who do not have VEDS themselves.

Find more information about VEDS, including support groups, research studies, and medical webinars, at https://TheVEDSMovement.org. This podcast is not associated with The VEDS Movement or The Marfan Foundation. Find the full disclaimer at translucentone.blog.

If you would like to share your story with VEDS on this podcast, visit https://translucentone.blog/contact/. I look forward to hearing from you!

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