Heather was diagnosed with vEDS after several back-to-back medical events in 2015, including a kidney infarction and a carotid cavernous fistula. She had also previously had a colon rupture and an early delivery of her son. Luckily, an ER doc from Paris noticed the signs of vEDS during an emergency room visit. She had complications throughout her life that pointed to vEDS, but these had gone unrecognized. Her mother had also passed away at 37 unexpectedly with no explanation. Heather’s diagnosis with vEDS has provided some explanation for her mother’s death, as well as given her perspective to live her life the fullest.

If you have vEDS and wish to share your story on this podcast, or just want to be connected to someone else with vEDS, reach out! translucentone.blog/contact

2 thoughts on “Heather

  1. So proud of my special relative, Heather. She is truly a Heaven send! Such an enlightening podcast.
    Julie Wright

  2. thank you, heather, for sharing your story with such grace & honestly.

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