Bella wanted to do this special episode for #Reds4VEDS Day this year!

She was diagnosed with vEDS (Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) when she was 10 years old and is now 25. Recently, she had a seizure and dislocated both of her shoulders and suffered fractures as well from the seizure. She’s also had bowel and other complications from vEDS.

Today we are wearing red to raise awareness for vEDS. Wear red, take a picture, and share with the hashtag #REDS4VEDS!

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  1. Bella; you are such a beautiful soul. You will do just fine with your career and make a difference in this world. You might check in to a Company who has a Nurse available by phone or FaceTime; I know Kaiser does this and could use your expertise/knowledge. Maybe you will cure Cancer by your Research. I know you will be so successful. Do you have Irish in your family; it seems you have a bit of an accent – smile. May God Bless you in your journey and be kind; giving you grace and mercy. Take Care and keep sharing your story <3

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